Kabir on guru

Kabir on guru

This is a continuation of my previous post, What’s the point of a Guru?

The search is for you alone to make

जैसे तिल में तेल है, ज्यों चकमक में आग
तेरा साईं तुझ में है, तू जाग सके तो जाग
As the sesame seed contains oil and the flint stone, fire,
Your lord is inside you, awake and find if you can.

It is an immense privilege to have a guide

गुरु कुम्भार सिख कुम्भ है गढ गढ काढै खोट
अन्तर हाथ सहार दई बाहर बाहै चोट
Like a potter with an unbaked pot, the guru
Shapes and removes flaws.
Keeps a supporting hand inside
While pounding the pot from outside.

गुरु गोबिंद दोऊ खड़े, का के लागूं पाय।
बलिहारी गुरु आपणे, गोबिंद दियो मिलाय॥
I see both guru and God; who should I bow to first?
The guru is the saviour who took me to God!

Watch out for the wrong type of guide, though

जो गुरु ते भ्रम न मिटे, भ्रान्ति न जिसका जाय।
सो गुरु झूठा जानिये, त्यागत देर न लाय॥
The guru who is still deluded and in the grip of desire
Know him to be unworthy, and make haste to leave him.

गुरु कीजिए जानि के, पानी पीजै छानि ।
बिना विचारे गुरु करे, परे चौरासी खानि॥
Examine the guru before accepting, as you filter water before drinking.
Follow a guru without thinking, and you will keep falling back into ignorance.

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